The Guild's Annual
"Belly" ~ A Gala of Glitter

The Central Oregon premiere of “Belly”
Live Bellydance & Drumming by members of the
High Desert Bellydance Guild
Middle Eastern Hors d’Oeuvres & Cash Bar
Q&A with filmmakers Cecilia and Chad Rinn
Belly Dance Costume Bazaar

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 at 7pm
at Saint Charles Medical Center (Main Entrance)  
Center for Health and Learning.
Bellydance Inspired Creative Semi-Formal.
Sorry, no tickets will be available at the door.

For more information please contact Zweena
Visit the "Belly" website: Full Tilt Boogie LLC

PLEASE NOTE: there is frontal nudity (not shown in
a sexual way) and some cursing in the film. Parents
and sensitive viewers are cautioned.
About "Belly"~
Full Tilt Boogie’s releases the Belly Dancing Documentary, "BELLY, Sensual…Scarred...Sacred"
DVD on its U.S. tour.

The long awaited “BELLY” DVD will be available at screenings across the US.  “BELLY" will be
doing a tour through select cities for the next 9 months including Seattle, Santa Fe,
Albuquerque, Sacramento, LA, San Diego, Portland, Eugene, Bend, and Spokane, & New York.

Cecilia & Chad Rinn of Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. have been working on the documentary for 3
years.  The film has been funded entirely from performances, and the sale of belly dance
costumes created by Cecilia Rinn, who is not only the director of this film, but also a
professional belly-dancer.  Cecilia has been dancing in the local belly dance community for
nearly 15 years and brings her love for the dance form to the screen in her first full length
documentary.  Dancers from all over the western United States are raving about the movie and
how accurately it captures this unique, surprising community that plays such a large role in the
lives of so many women.

“... watching Belly with my mother was indescribably meaningful for the two of us. …the joy of
her pride, hearing her laugh at all the right parts, and feeling her respect and honor for what I
do magnify minute by minute as the movie played…” - Christina Gonzales, Belly Dancer

“BELLY” had it's Idaho Premiere at the 2008 Idaho International Film Festival, to an enthusiastic
and appreciative crowd, that was one of the largest in the entire festival.  A work in progress
version of “BELLY” screened at Washougal International Film Festival and won the Audience
Choice Award in August.  “BELLY” has just barely begun touring for bellydancers all over the
US.  This Summer and Fall screenings are planned in Washington, Oregon, California, New
Mexico, Pennsylvania and New York.

"BELLY" is an intimate peek into the personal lives of several belly-dancers who have been
profoundly affected by this unique dance form.  This documentary lets the dancers interviewed
tell the story of being a belly dancer in their own words, which covers the topics of family, body
image, sisterhood, female empowerment, and spirituality. "BELLY" features both novices and
star dancers, including Delilah, Mahisha, Amy Sigil & Shelly DeCant of Unmata, Sidonia On Dunia,
Calypso & Jamileh of Midnight Mirage, Samira Il Naia of Cairo Fusion, Itheyla, and Christina &
Jenna of Shimmy Shakti.
Head (and Belly) shot of
BELLY's director Cecilia Rinn
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